www.ghq-mfo.afp.mil.ph, the official website of the GHQ Management Office is designed to simplify access to various information relative to financial functions and transactions. How to navigate using Hypertext.Hypertext is presented depending on the browser you are using. The common navigational tool to different browser is the main menu (tree menu) and the right top and bottom graphics buttons. All other links are presented either in dark blue, green or plain blue with red or unchanged underlined link hover based on the browser environment. If you have already visited a link it will be a different color. You can still, however, click on the hovered underlined words and it will take you to where you want to go. How to use the forward (right arrow) and back (left arrow) buttons in your browser. These buttons are located at the top left of your screen and are used for going backwards or forwards to a page you have previously seen. How to use the tab button. The tab button can be used instead of a mouse to transfer focus from one form to another. Display Resolution. Versatile as it is, www.ghq-mfo.afp.mil.ph is primarily designed in 800 x 600-screen resolution for image and Windows text clarity. Browser's Environment. www.ghq-mfo.afp.mil.ph is best viewed in MSIE. If you are using a browser other than MSIE, it is important to take cognizance of the following:
  • Netscape. If you notice that some pop-up pages are displayed in new tab/window, please do the following:
    Step 1. From the site control toolbar click the right button of the mouse (right-handed) to activate action box.

    Step 2. Select the site control option to open a dialog box containing trust settings and advance tab.

    Step 3. Select the advance tab then unchecked the "open requested pop-ups in new tab" display requested pop-up in the target frame.
  • Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox. Except for some html tags that does not work properly in this browser, pages are displayed as designed.
How to bookmark items of interest. Bookmarks offer a convenient means to retrieve pages whose locations (URLs) you've saved. You store your bookmarks in a list that's saved on your hard disk. Once you add a bookmark to your list, the item stays until you remove it or change lists. The permanence and accessibility of bookmarks make them invaluable for personalising your Internet access.
  • Using Bookmarks in Internet Explorer:
    1. From the toolbar select the favorites button. The favorites menu will appear. Click on the add button. This adds the current page as an item in the favourites menu.
    2. When you would like to retrieve the page you have bookmarked click on the button again and the favourites menu will appear. You need to then click on the bookmarked hyperlink and the page will appear.
  • Using Bookmarks in Netscape Navigator:

    1. From the toolbar select bookmarks. You will then see the bookmark menu. Click on the add bookmarks option. This adds the current page as an item in the Bookmarks menu.
    2. When you would like to retrieve the page you have bookmarked click on the button again and the bookmark menu will appear. Click on the bookmark you would like to retrieve.